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Find the best free sports picks and parlays. We provide picks on all sports including NHL, NBA, NFL/NCAA, MLB, PGA, MLS etc., and for all the major tournaments.

Learn what a parlay bet is, how to make a parlay bet on the various betting sites, how parlay odds are calculated and what sports you can add into your parlay.

Betting bonuses and Free Bets

Looking for betting bonuses or free bets from your bookie? We scour the internet to find the best betting bonuses and Free Bets to ensure you always get the best betting value. Most betting sites offer a variety of betting bonuses, from first deposit welcome bonuses, loyalty free bets, free bets to try out new betting products or games, and parlay bonuses if you add a certain number of picks to your betslip.

Best USA Betting sites

Along with the betting bonuses and free sports picks, you’ll also find the best betting sites in the USA. We list and review them, helping you to find the USA betting site that best suits your needs and also helping you to find new ones that you might not necessarily know about.

What do you get with a Free Sports Pick

Of course, the sports pick will tell you which team we think will win, but you get so much more. The way that we determine the pick is by using historical data and our own PicksEngine. We take data going back years about team and player behaviour, along with current season performance, previous head2head performance, and our algorithm calculates the likelihood of a certain outcome.
With this outcome we also give you all the data and statistics we have used to determine the sports pick, so that you can use this data to guide your own betting.

Most popular Sports Picks

We don’t only show you all the upcoming matches with our picks, but we also show you the most popular sports picks at the moment. We let users vote on what they think will happen and share this knowledge of the crowd with you so that you can see how everyone else thinks a match will play out.

What is a Parlay bet?

Are you looking at building and placing your first Parlay bet and wondering what exactly a Parlay is? A Parlay bet can have different names and can also be called an Accumulator or a Multi-bet, however most USA based betting sites stick with calling it a Parlay. A Parlay is when you have multiple picks on the same betslip. So instead of picking a certain team to win only, you will pick the team to win a game, and possibly pick the winning teams for 5 other games as well. All of these picks will be added to the one betslip, so you would not be placing 5 single bets, but rather 1 Parlay. By doing this, the odds are increased dramatically, meaning the potential payout also increases dramatically.

Why bet parlays?

Betting a parlay does of course mean the likelihood of you winning the bet is diminished as the number of picks you need to get correct are more than one. So, if the odds of winning are lower, why would you want to bet a parlay instead of a single bet? The simple answer is, as the odds are greater, it means that the potential win amount is also substantially higher. Parlays allow you to build large betslips with massive win potentials, using picks that you are confident about. The other reason is of course the entertainment value. Betting a Parlay makes watching the games so much more fun, as you watch each of your picks coming through and building towards that potential big win.

Which sports can you bet on parlays?

So, now that you know what Parlays are and why you should be betting them, which sports can you use to play a Parlay? Well, the good news is, you can use picks from almost any sport to build a parlay. You can add in an NHL pick, with an NBA pick and throw in an NFL pick just for good measure. All sports picks can be added to a parlay. The only restriction is that you can not add related bets from the same match into the same Parlay.

Which types of bets can I make on a parlay?

Although most people typically add moneyline picks to their parlays, you can get more inventive and add a variety of bet types. You can add over/unders, spread bets, against the spread bets, and prop bets. As long as the bets are not related-bets, you can add any bet type you want to your parlay.

How are paylay bet odds calculated?
Now this is where it gets interesting. A parlay bet allows you to massively increase the odds of your bet, meaning your potential win. But how are these odds calculated? The way to calculate the Parlay odds (which the betting site does for your automatically), you need to multiply the odds of each pick on your parlay betslip. Once you have done this, you then multiply this amount by the stake you are placing to get your potential win. It does become quite difficult to do this when using America odds, so if you convert the individual odds to decimal odds first for the multiplications and then convert them back to American odds, it becomes much easier.
Are there rules around parlay betting?
Overall the are typically 3 rules around Parlays that are worth knowing. They are:
No related bets – so you can not bet for team a to win the match and team a to lose the match. You also can’t bet team a to win the match and team b to lose the match.
Not more than a certain number of picks in a Parlay – most betting sites restrict the number of picks per Parlay to anything between 6 – 15 picks.
If you lose one of your picks, then you lose the entire parlay – unless the betting site offers a cash-out option