List of Licensed Betting sites in Colorado

There can be no doubts that the US is one of the most liberal countries in the world. However, despite its liberalism, there is one thing that the authorities in the US took long to liberalize that is, sports betting. The desire to protect punters from problem gambling forced the responsible authorities to restrict online sports betting allowing only punters to place their bets inside monitored betting halls. That however has since changed as most states are now taking individual efforts meant at relaxing the restrictions that were put in place when it comes to online sports betting.

One such state that has already relaxed online sports betting restrictions is the state of Colorado. Of course, the state took measures to ensure that even when placing bets online, online bookmakers at all times ensure that punters are protected from problem gambling. Whenever a punter is deemed to have crossed the line and showing tendencies of problem gambling, the bookmaker instantly takes measures to rectify the situation. This indeed is a noble gesture, something that’s good both to punters and bookmakers alike. Now, to know which online bookmakers operate in the state of Colorado, let’s check out the outlined online betting halls below.

DraftKings Sportsbook

DraftKings is one of the very first online bookmakers to launch in Colorado. The bookmaker went live in May, 2020. The bookmaker quickly became a household name in the state owing to its incredible selection of sports betting markets as well as some lucrative bonus and promotional perks tailored for all punters. Just to put this into perspective, all punters who join the sportsbook receive a free $25 bet that they can use on any sport and betting market they so wish. Upon making the first deposit, punters will also benefit from a $500 risk-free bet.

FanDuel Sportsbook

FanDuel is just as popular as DraftKings in all states that have legalized online sports betting. As such, it’s no surprise really that the online bookmaker was one of the first bookmakers to launch in Colorado as soon as the restrictions on online sports betting were relaxed. One of the beautiful things when it comes to FanDuel is that punters get a rebate if their first bet loses. The rebate is available for all first bets up to $1000.

Fox Bet Sportsbook

Fox Sports recently took the decision to diversify its operations. This saw the bookmaker venture in online sports betting. Fox Sports however did not do it alone; rather, it struck a partnership with Stars Group to form Fox Bet. Fox Bet was one of the very first online bookmakers to launch in Colorado in May, 2020. The good thing for all punters who settle at this bookmaker is that they get to receive a rebate on the first bet placed if it loses.


To help cement its place as the US’ online bookmaker of choice, BetMGM quickly applied for an operating license and duly received on to operate in the state of Colorado. Bringing the vast experience that it has amassed since it started operating as an online bookmaker in Nevada has helped BetMGM to attract a lot of punters. This has in turn made BetMGM one of the biggest online bookmakers in Colorado in terms of market share.

BetRivers Colorado

Just like BetMGM, BetRivers started off as an online platform for a casino resort but has since spread its wings and now operates as a fully fledged online bookmaker. The bookmaker which launched soon after online sports betting activities were legalized in Colorado has already attracted hundreds of punters mainly owing to the highly lucrative bonus and promotional perks it offers to all of its punters both the newly registered as well as existing punters. The only downside to BetRivers Colorado at the present moment is that its app is only available for Android users. Apple users have to go through the hassle of downloading GeoGuard for them to access the BetRivers app.

Another online bookmaker punters in Colorado can settle at is This bookmaker has won the hearts of many punters owing to its highly enterprising Welcome Offer. The welcome offer that all newly registered punters benefit from is as follows – if the punter’s losses during the first week exceed winnings, the bookmaker will cover 100% of the difference up to $500. Winnings are calculated by adding up the bet returns of all winnings bets. The bet stakes are not included. Likewise, losses are calculated by adding up the bet stakes of all losing bets. In practice, what this means is that if during the week the punter wins $50 but lose $100, then the bookmaker will grant the punter $50 in free bet credits. Another example is that if during the week the punter wins $400 but loses $500, the bookmaker will grant the punter $100 in free bet credits.