NBA Prop Bet Picks

Traditionally, when it came to sports betting, punters only had the option of placing bets on the outcome of a game. That however is now a thing of the past. Instead of placing bets on the outcome of a game, punters of today have the opportunity to place bets that specifically target certain occurrences and non-occurrence’s that may take place during a game. This thanks to the emergence of prop bets.

Prop bets or more specifically NBA prop bets (as our main attention is on the NBA) refer to bets made by the punter predicting if a certain player will be able to achieve certain feats during the game. It’s important to note here that NBA prop bets aren’t just targeted towards players but can also be targeted towards the entire team. NBA prop bets that target individual players are known as NBA player prop bets while those that target the entire team are referred to as NBA team prop bets.

NBA Player prop bets

NBA player prop bets refer to bets placed on what a certain player will achieve during a game. Essentially, this means that the punter will be making a prediction based on an individual player’s statistical performance during a game.

When it comes to NBA player prop bets, most bets centre on points, rebounds and assists. Often but not always, the player prop bets are in a handicap fashion meaning that the punter will be predicting if a certain player will score points that exceed a predetermined threshold or not. For instance, the punter may predict that Lebron James is going to score over or under 28.5 points in a game.

Punters may choose any player to back from those that will be competing on the field of play. However, as there are some players who are known to be good when it comes to scoring points, these are treated as favourites.

NBA Team prop bets

Apart from rooting for certain players to shine during game, punters also have the opportunity to back a certain team thanks to NBA team prop bets. With NBA team prop bets, the punter will be rooting for a team to be the first team to score during the match, for a team to be the first to race to 30 points or for a certain team’s points total to exceed or fall below a predetermined margin. There are literally dozens of team prop bets to choose from and at some online bookmakers, punters may actually request the bookmaker to add a new prop bet that he so wishes to place a bet on thanks to the ‘Request a Bet’ functionality.

How to Make an NBA Prop Bet

To make an NBA prop bet, punters will need to ensure that they settle at a registered online bookmaker that offers NBA prop bets. Punters may simply make use of their web browsers to search for such online bookmakers that operate in their jurisdictions. When punter find online bookmakers that support NBA prop bets, they can proceed to check upcoming NBA games and place player prop bets or team prop bets whichever they want.