Free NFL Computer Picks

What are NFL Computer Picks

NFL computer picks, are automated picks for NFL matches, made by an algorithm on a computer. Being automated means that there is zero human input for the picks. The computer picks can be for any number of NFL betting markets (spreads, moneyline), as well as live NFL betting markets.

Benefits of NFL Computer Picks

So why would you want to use NFL computer picks over manual picks made by a person, or a team of people. Firstly, even though picks are generated by a computer/database, it still required a team of people to develop this database and the algorithms that are used when making the computer picks for NFL games. Having them done by the computer, simply means that they can be done quicker, for more NFL games and with less likelihood for error. So benefits in include:
– Picks for more NFL games
– Economy of scale, so picks can be generated cheaper and therefore offered for free
– Picks can be generated quicker, meaning more markets
– more data points can be included, meaning a higher level of accuracy

How do we calculate our NFL Computer Picks

So, how do we calculate our NFL computer picks? All good picks start with good data. So we start with 2 sets of data.
Historical NFL data and recent NFL data.
We use the historical NFL data to help guide long term trends when it comes to team and player behaviour. If you look at data over a long enough time period, trends begin to emerge and we use these.
We use recent NFL data to ensure we have the latest team and player performance, how each team is performing relative to the other, if the teams have recently played each other etc. We also look at hundreds of other variables such as “what if” scenarios, and these all guide our predictions.

How can these NFL predictions be free?

Simple. As we use computer picks, we do not have the same costs that other picks providers do. Secondly, we make our money by partnering with various betting operators who would like you to bet with them. So we are advertiser funded.

Why are NFL computer picks so popular?

The main reason that computer picks for NFL games are so popular is because of the data that they provide the better with. Instead of just giving the over under, or point spread, you will be given lots of data and information that you can then use to make your own predictions and picks.

Do NFL computer picks always win

Definitely no. No NFL picks, be they computer or created by a person, are every 100% sure. The objective is to provide as much data and statistics as possible, along with the computers interpretation of this data set, and let you make your own decisions based on it.