NFL Live Betting Picks

NFL is arguably one of the most popular sporting leagues in the US and beyond. The NFL is not just popular with the spectators, that is, those who pay to see the NFL stars show the sizzling skills on the football pitch. Rather, it is also popular with sports punters. In days gone by, punters who love NFL used to rush before the start of any game to place their bets in the hope that they would scoop some excellent handouts. Now, that’s no longer the case. This owing to the emergence of NFL live betting.

NFL live betting allows punters to place their bets at any time even when the match has commenced! Yes, you heard that right. Even when the action has already started, punters do have the opportunity to place their NFL sports bets. It is with this in mind that we are going to highlight some of the most popular betting markets punters can place during NFL games.

NFL Moneyline Live Bets

The most popular NFL live betting market is arguably the easiest of all that is, the money line bets. Simply put, money line bets allow the punter to predict the team that will win the game between the Home Team and the Away Team. Here, the full time score is not important, all that’s important is whether the selected team has won or not. During to its simplicity, this market often comes with close odds except in instances where there is a clear favorite/underdog clash.

Totals (Over/Under)

Another highly popular live NFL betting market is the totals market. This market is also known as the Over/Under market. This market entails predicting if the combined score of both teams playing will be over a certain threshold or under. Take for instance a match between the Dallas Cowboys and the Minnesota Vikings. The bookmaker may set the threshold at 51 (note that during the game, the threshold set by the bookmaker may constantly change depending on how the game is playing out). This means if the punter predicts that the score of both teams will exceed the threshold, then any result of 52 points and over will automatically mean the punter has won. The same is true if the punter predicts the score to be under the threshold and the score at the end of regulation time is 50 and below.

Point Spread

When it comes to NFL matches, sometimes, there may be a clear favorite and an underdog. When this happens, the odds will be heavily staked in favor of the favorite. To even the playing field, the bookmaker will then offer the point spread market. What this market entails is that for the punter to win the favorite will need to win by a certain margin – a win on its own is not enough, it has to be convincing enough to allow the punter to receive a payout. To put this into perspective, if a favourite is given a point spread of 7.5 points, then the team will need to win by a margin of 8 or more points in order for the punter to receive a payout. Punters have the opportunity to also back the underdog not to lose by a certain margin.

Prop Bets

Another popular NFL live betting market are the prop bets. Prop bets are simply bets that are player specific or relate to certain occurrences during the match. They do not necessarily have anything to do with the match. Prop bets differ from bookmaker and bookmaker and there are literally dozens that punters may take advantage of. These may include the player to score the most points, the total corner count of the match, predicting possible send offs during the match and the total number of fouls to be recorded.