NFL Player Prop Bets

Traditionally, sports bets were placed predicting the outcome of a match. Different betting markets do exist when it comes to traditional sports betting but all of these require the punter to predict the outcome of a match either the team to win (moneylines), margin of the win (spreads) and the total number of points to be scored by both teams playing (totals). Sports betting like any other thing in the world however is not constant thereby meaning that it evolves with time. In recent times, a new form of a sports betting market emerged which goes by the name prop bets.

Prop bets refer to bets that are placed with regards to the occurrence or nonoccurrence of a specific thing to happen during a match. Essentially, what this means is that the punter is betting on the proposition of something to happen during the game. When it comes to prop bets for the NFL, there are in general two forms of prop bets. These are as follows:

NFL Player Prop Bets

NFL player prop bets are bets that concern only one player who is on the field of play. Player prop bets can be placed on virtually any player that is on the field of play regardless of the position they play. To better understand what NFL player prop bets are, it’s best that we highlight some player prop bets examples.

When it comes to attacking players, punters can wager on things such as passing yards to be undertaken by any player, receiving yards, rushing yards, as well as a combination of the two for all-purpose yards. Punters may also place prop bets for defensive players. Punters can predict the player to have the most interceptions during the match.

Punters also ought to know that many online bookmakers nowadays do have the ‘Request a Bet’ functionality. This service comes in handy largely when it comes to player prop bets as the punter can simply come up with his own prop bet which he thinks will likely occur during a game and the bookmaker will calculate the odds for the requested bet and the punter can proceed to place a bet.

NFL Team Prop Bets

The second form of NFL prop bets refer to team prop bets. Instead of predicting what a player will achieve during a game, team prop bets will see the punter propose what the entire team will achieve during the course of the game. Some of the popular team prop bets include predicting the team to score first, predicting the team to score last, predicting if the first turnover will be a fumble or interception and if a team will score three times unanswered.

How to Place an NFL Prop Bet

Punters looking to place NFL prop bets ought to know that they can only do this at online bookmakers. There are several online bookmakers to choose from that support NFL prop bets. The punter therefore simply has to search for such online bookmakers and proceed to register an account. Once done, the punter will have the freedom to place prop bets at any time whenever there is an NFL match coming up.