NFL Touchdown Scorer Tips

There is a new form of sports betting which goes by the name prop bets. Prop bets allow punters to bet on a proposition of a certain occurrence or non-occurrence to happen during a game. Prop bets come in two forms that is, those that specifically target individual players and those that target the entire team. When it comes to both player prop bets and team prop bets, one of the most common betting markets loved by punters is the Touchdown scorer bet.

The Touchdown scorer bet refers to a bet in which the punter predicts the player to score a touchdown during a game. Touchdown scorer bet is also referred to as the Anytime Touchdown Scorer bet as the bet does not consider the time that the selected player will score a touchdown – at any point in time a selected player scores a touchdown, the punter will win. All forms of touchdowns are supported here from rushing/receiving touchdowns for offensive players to wagering on a team’s defense/special teams to score a touchdown by interception return or fumble return or kickoff and punt returns.

While it is possible for the punter to pick any player as the player to score a touchdown, what punters have to keep in mind at all times is that the odds will differ from player to player depending on the bookmaker’s calculated probability of the chosen player scoring.

How to Place a Touchdown scorer bet

To start placing touchdown scorer prop bets, the punter will have to follow the steps outlined below:

  1. The very first thing required from the punter is to choose the online bookmaker to play at. On this front, the punter may make use of search engines to search for online bookmakers that operate in their jurisdiction. One thing to keep in mind when looking for a bookmaker to settle at is to ensure that the bookmaker chosen operates genuinely. There are many ways of checking the authenticity of online bookmakers including checking the site’s licensing information, visiting bookmaker review sites and checking the payment methods accepted as some payment providers such as PayPal only work with genuine companies
  2. Once a punter has located an online bookmaker to settle at, the next thing that he needs to do is to open an account. This process is generally easy and fast as the punter is asked to provide his personal details and proof of residence
  3. Once the punter has an account, the punter will need to check for upcoming NFL games – if there are any, the punter will have to choose a game that he wants to bet on and click upon it
  4. Clicking on a selected game will see the bookmaker reveal all the supported betting markets for that particular game. The punter therefore will simply have to scroll through the displayed options until he locates prop bets. Under prop bets, the punter will need to search for Touchdown scorer bet and choose the player whom he thinks will score a touchdown during the course of the match.

Average Touchdowns during a game

One of the reasons why the touchdowns scorer bet is highly popular is as a result of the fact that in each and every NFL game; at least one touchdown is guaranteed to occur. As such, punters know that the probability of their player scoring one of the touchdowns is high. According to statistics from various sites that track NFL team and player stats, each NFL game produces 2.55 touchdowns. High scoring teams will record slightly higher touchdowns as compared to low scoring teams.