Philadelphia Eagles Picks and Parlays

Brief History of the Team
The Philadelphia Eagles which is obviously from Philadelphia is a professional American football team which is simply known as Eagles. The Eagles are a member club of the league’s National Football Conference (NFC) East division in the National Football League (NFL). The Philadelphia Eagles franchise was established in 87 years ago in 1993 and it came as a replacement for Frankford Yellow Jackets which had been declared bankrupt. The Eagles won a total of 4 League championships including the Super Bowl championships 2017 (LII). They have also won 4 Conference championships and a total of 14 Division championships. The team which is nicknamed the Birds or the Iggles uses Midnight green, silver, black as their colours.
What is their home stadium?
The Eagles home stadium is the Lincoln Financial Field which located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States. The stadium which is popularly known as as ‘The Linc’ has a seating capacity of 69,176 and was opened 17 years ago on 3 August 2003 after it was constructed at an estimated construction cost of $712 million in today’s value.
Who is the coach?
The Philadelphia Eagles head coach is Douglas Irvin Pederson. Pederson is experienced in football as he is also a former player who played for several NFL teams including Miami Dolphins, New York Knights, Miami Dolphins, Carolina Panthers and Green Bay Packers where he spend most of his playing career. His coaching career started in 2005 and he was hired to be the Eagles head coach in 2016.
Who are the team’s top 3 players?
The Philadelphia Eagles current top three perfomers are Darius Slay, Miles Sanders and Javon Hargrave.
How they performed last season?
The Eagles had a very good season in 2019 as they finished first in the NFC East Division ahead of Cowboys with a record of 9–7. The Eagles secured a Playoff place but they lost 9-17 to Seahawks. The Eagles were tipped to go all the way but their failure to go beyond the playoffs can be attributed to the injuries they suffered.
How they are performing this season?
Philadelphia Eagles are having a season to forget as they are sitting third with a miserable 3-8 record, in fact they are tied with Cowboys who also have a 3-8 record.