Parlay Calculators

Parlay Calculators

Sports’ betting like any other activity keeps evolving. Some of the things that fascinated punters in days gone by have completely vanished while other new features have emerged. When it comes to the modern day sports betting, one feature that’s really loved by many punters relates to parlay betting.

Parlay betting refers to a single bet which links together two or more individual wagers for a high payout. To put this into perspective, a parlay bet may see the punter betting for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers to defeat the Green Bay while at the same time tipping the Seattle Seahawks to defeat the Buffalo Bills. A parlay bet may have as many as 20 selections! The reason why so many punters love adding many selections is that the potential payouts for each parlay bet increases as the selections increase. The downside, however, is that once a single selection loses, then the entire parlay bet bust – this being a classic case of ‘the higher the risk, the greater the rewards’.

With single bets, punters can easily know when placing their bet what they stand to win (or lose) just by looking at the odds. With parlay bets, things however get more difficult. Even though each selection the punter picks comes with its own odds, calculating and combining the odds for two or more selections becomes a daunting task. Recognizing this, bookmakers and software developers decided to make life easier for punters by designing parlay calculators.

What are Parlay Calculators?

A parlay calculator is a tool that allows punters to input the odds for each of their selections and quickly calculate the payout of the bet depending on the wager placed. To get a better understanding of what a parlay calculator really is, it’s important to understand how it works.

How the Parlay Calculator Works

A parlay calculator in table form looks like this:

                                                              FIXED ODDS PARLAY CALCULATOR
Team #1 
Team #2 
Team #3 
Parlay Payout$-

Above is an example of parlay calculator available at most online bookmakers. Using the calculator above, punters first of all need to input the bet amount they are looking to wager with. This can be anything from the minimum bet amount to the max bet allowed depending on the bookmaker they are playing at. Once they have stipulated their bet amount, they need to proceed to select the legs they want to bet on. Selections start from 2 rising upwards to as many as 20 or over. As punters pick their selections, the odds of the selections will be added on the opposite end of the table. Once all selections have been made, the punter will need to hit the Calculate button at the button. Clicking on the Calculate button will see the computer calculate the parlay payout automatically and present it on the ‘Parlay Payout’ tab.

From this, punters can note that using the parlay calculator is a pretty easy feat. Parlay calculators may comes in different shapes depending on the bookmaker the punter is playing at but the basics of using a parlay calculator are just the same and they are pretty easy to master.

Where to Find Parlay Calculators

All players looking to calculate their payouts for all the parlay bets they place may visit the following sites to access parlay calculators at all times: