Player Location Check GeoComply

Online betting sites like any other business are regulated by the relevant authorities. The authorities do stipulate some conditions that online betting sites have to abide by in order to remain in operation. One of these conditions is that these sites have to operate only in jurisdictions that have been set out in their jurisdictions. To ensure that only players in the said jurisdictions are the ones who have access to an online sports book’s services, online bookies do make use of geolocation technology.

What is Player Location Check GeoComply?   

Player Location Check is geolocation technology which helps online betting sites to verify that players who access its site are physically located within the confines of a defined territory/region. Essentially, what this means is that this technology is used to guarantee a player’s exact or near-exact coordinates.

GeoComply is the provider of choice for most online sportsbooks who want to integrate Player Location Check to their sites. The provider has been in existence since 2013. GeoComply utilizes several technical solutions to accurately verify the player’s location including IP and Wi-Fi signal triangulation.

When it comes to GeoComply, it’s not only the online site that has to integrate the geolocation technology but the player also does have to install it on the device that he uses during his gaming adventures. Players more so those who engage in real money gambling must install GeoComply  technology (especially for desktop users). This is imperative as it protects them from future inconveniences. A case in point relates to withdrawing payouts. When a player hits a major jackpot or scoops a big win, most sports books before releasing funds will want to make sure that the player adhered to all the rules and regulations – if any slight violation of rules is noted, then the payout may be withdraw to the detriment of the player. As such, to ensure that you don’t end up missing on a big paycheck simply because your location could not be verified will be a disservice to the player.

However, while it’s the case that players must install GeoComply on their devices, they ought to know that this is important for those who use desktops. Players using mobile devices both those running on Android or iOS need not worry much for as long as the ‘location services’ functionality is turned on. This owing to the fact that mobile devices have the built-in capacity to determine a user’s geographical location if the location services functionality is on. Below, we will highlight how desktop users can download and install GeoComply  on their devices and how mobile device users can turn on the location services functionality.

How to download (on PC, Mac, iOS and Android)

For desktop users, both PC and Mac, the steps outlined below demonstrate how they can download and install Player Location Check GeoComply :

  • The first thing is to visit the GeoComply  homepage – the URL link to use is https://www.GeoComply .com
  • Once on the homepage, players will need to navigate to the header tab and click on the ‘Resources’ button
  • After clicking on the ‘Resources’ button, a number of options will pop up including the ‘Download’ button
  • Clicking on the ‘Download’ button will see players being redirected to the product portfolio page where they will have to download the GeoComply  tool which corresponds to their device’s specifications.

For Android users, to turn on the location services functionality, they will need to follow the steps below:

  • Hit the App button
  • Scroll to the Settings tab
  • Hit the Settings tab and check for ‘Location’
  • Click on ‘Location’ and switch to ‘On’
  • Once done, ensure that the ‘Location Method’ is set to ‘High Accuracy’ to allow a combination of GPS, Wi-Fi and mobile networks estimate your location

For iOS users, to turn on the location services functionality, follow the steps outlined below:

  • Hit the App button
  • Navigate to ‘Settings’
  • Scroll to ‘Privacy’
  • Check for ‘Location Services’
  • Turn ‘On’ the location functionality

Why Betting Sites use this

The primary reason why betting sites use player location check is that they want to protect themselves. Firstly, they want to protect themselves from players who will be looking to access casino services in areas that are not permitted as per the casino licensing regulations. Secondly, they want to protect themselves from gambling authorities who will penalize them if they find out that players in territories that are not permitted under the casino’s licensing regulations are accessing the casino’s services.