What is Points Betting

Different sportsbooks are always on the lookout for innovative ways in which they can make the life of punters more simple while at the same time increasing the profitability aspect of players’ betting adventures. On this front, the Australian sportsbook PointsBet came up with the concept of points betting.

Points’ betting is a high reward high risk betting strategy. The whole premise of points betting is based on the notion that the more you are right, the more you win. To truly understand the notion behind points betting, we have to put the notion into practice.

How it Works

Suppose New England and the Los Angeles Rams are going head to head. You as the punter tips New England to come out victorious with a $10 bet with the odds set at -3 against Los Angeles Rams’ odds at -110. If your prediction turns out to be correct and indeed New England wins the match by 13-3, the points betting strategy will come into play. With the traditional fixed odds, you will have profited $9. However, when the points betting strategy is employed, every single point that New England beat the spread with is multiplied by your stake. In this instance, New England beat the spread by 10 (13 points scored subtract the spread of 3 equals 10). The 10 points that New England beat the spread multiplied by your stake $10 will see you pocket a cool $100!

The above illustrates just how lucrative points’ betting is when your bet wins. However, the opposite is also true. When you lose, you get to lose big. Taking the example of New England vs. Los Angeles Rams above, if New England had lost by 10, then you as the punter would have lost $130 – your $10 stake multiplied by the missed spread of 13 points.

Owing to the high risk high reward nature of points betting, some prefer to use the stop-loss feature in order to curtail their losses. When placing their bets, punters will stipulate a loss cap. This is great as it prevents punters from incurring heavy losses. However, it also has a shortcoming as it caps the maximum return potential.

In our example, we used the 1×2 betting market to expose how the points betting strategy works. What players ought to know however is that points betting is not only used when you choose the 1×2 betting market. It’s very much possible to employ this strategy when you choose other betting markets including the totals market, multiplier bets, player stats e.g. the Over/Under for James Harden’s total points or the Over/Under for his field-goal percentage or even the time of bet props market e.g. time of first field goal to be made by a team or player in the NBA or time of first goal in the NFL.  

The high risk high reward nature of points betting certainly makes it a strategy for the bold and daring and not for the faint hearted. However, with some risk free bets and other great promotional perks availed at PointsBet, it doesn’t hurt trying this strategy out as you might scoop those juicy payouts.