BetAmerica Multi Sport Parlay

BetAmerica is one of the most popular bookmakers in the US. There are varied reasons why many punters choose BetAmerica as their online bookmaker of choice. Among these reasons however is the fact that this online bookmaker does offer a wide variety of sports betting markets as well as incredible sports betting bonus and promotional perks. In this article, we are going to focus on one sports betting market that’s offered at BetAmerica which is the multi sport parlay as well as its subsequent promotional perk.

What is the BetAmerica Multi Sport Parlay?

BetAmerica’s multi sport parlay is a form of betting market which allows punters to generate a betting ticket with two or more selections. Essentially, what this means is that the punter has the freedom to bet on different matches and generate just a single ticket hence placing just a single wager.

What makes the BetAmerica multi sport parlay even more impressive is the fact that punters aren’t restricted from picking selections from a single sport/league/tournament. Punters may actually pick selections from the NFL, NBA and any other league/tournament that they can think of and generate a single ticket!

As the punter picks his selections, the bookmaker will automatically work out the odds and display the expected returns for the punter depending on the amount of wager he is looking to bet with.

BetAmerica Multi Sport Parlay Promotions

Punters looking to generate multi sport parlay tickets at BetAmerica ought to know that they will definitely benefit from several great promotional perks at all times. At the current moment, the promotional perk at BetAmerica for all those who generate the multi sport parlay is the Multi Sport Parlay Insurance.

To benefit from the Multi Sport Parlay Insurance, punters will need to generate a multi sport parlay with at least 5 legs/selections. The legs may consist of selections in any sport on any market. However, the minimum stake that the punter has to place to be eligible is $25. Each leg of parlay must be no shorter than -200.

Once the punter has generated the multi sport parlay and placed his stake, all that will remain is to wait for the games to begin and see how the action unfolds. If for instance the punter just selected 5 legs – out of those 5, if four of them return payouts but one fails to return a payout, the punter receive 100 per cent of his stake back (up to $25). Essentially put, what this means is that if all legs hit except one, then the punter will get back his stake in full! This is simply incredible, isn’t it?

While the Multi Sport Parlay Insurance does come with its own start and end date (set to end on 12/31/2020), what BetAmerica guarantees is that at any point in time, punters who place multi sport parlay bets will have a running bonus that they can benefit from. Punters therefore will need to frequently visit the BetAmerica promos page in order to see the currently running multi sport parlay promotional perks.