BetMGM NFL Parlay

Parlays are a fan favourite among many punters. The mere fact that you can place multiple bets on the same ticket is quite an appealing adventure for many and as such, many punters do favor parlay betting over other betting forms. When it comes to BetMGM, one of the leading online bookmakers in the US, punters ought to know that they are give two options when it comes to parlay betting – more specifically NFL parlays. These two options are as follows:

  1. Punters have the opportunity to create their own parlays. To do this, punters have to navigate to the header tab on the BetMGM homepage. Once there, they need to check the ‘Easy Parlay’ tab. Once punters click on the ‘Easy Parlay’ tab, they can proceed to the NFL button and check out all the upcoming events. From each of the upcoming events, punters can make their predictions and place bets on their parlay ticket.
  2. Apart from the ‘Easy Parlay’ tab which allows punters to create their own parlays, BetMGM does provide punters with ready to use NFL prebuilt parlays. In order to make use of the prebuilt parlays, punters will need to follow the steps outlined below:

How to find prebuilt parlays

  • Punters have to be on the BetMGM homepage in order to find the BetMGM NFL prebuilt parlays. To reach the homepage, punters simply need to use their web browsers (for mobile users, they have the added convenience of just downloading and installing the BetMGM app.
  • Once punters are on the homepage, focus should now turn onto the header tab in locating the NFL button
  • Click on the NFL button to be redirected to the NFL page
  • Once punters have reached the NFL page, they just need to scroll down until they start seeing upcoming NFL events – all of the NFL events that punters find under ‘Upcoming’ Games (not Futures) are already pre-selected for the pre-built parlay. If the punter wishes to place bets on all of them, then all that he needs to do is to make the predictions and proceed to generate the parlay ticket. By default, there are three betting markets the punter may opt for, for each event that is, Spread, Total and Money Line (however, punters may click upon each event to see further betting markets supported if they are there)

Best NFL Parlay Strategy

Whether the punter chooses to create his own parlay or he chooses to use the prebuilt parlay, there is one important strategy that punters have to keep in mind at all times. This simply relates to the overall betting strategy. There is a temptation by many when it comes to parlays to just flood the parlay with bets favouring the favourites. This is not bad considering that favourites often end up winning. However, for punters, opting for favourites only is not wise as it makes the whole betting adventure less lucrative (in some instances even turn the adventure into a loss-making adventure). To guard against this, it’s important to mix favourites as well as underdogs. Enhanced odds for underdogs will greatly improve the punters’ prospects of scooping some excellent payouts.