BetMGM NFL Specials

When online casinos emerged sometime back, a battle between online casinos and land based casinos ensued. The battle it’s now safe to say has been won by online casinos. This largely necessitated by the fact that online casinos do offer their players some incredible bonus and promotional perks which land based casinos simply could not match. Well, that battle did also unravel between online bookmakers and their land based counterparts. The result – online bookmakers won. Again, the reason down to the incredible bonus and promotional perks they offer.

Today, we are going to look at one of the online bookmaker that offers some incredible bonus and promotional perks to its players that is, BetMGM. The article will focus solely on the NFL Specials, a promotional perk which is availed to all punters at BetMGM.

What are the BetMGM NFL Specials

BetMGM NFL Specials is a form of bonus which is availed to all punters with keen interest in placing NFL bets. This bonus sees all punters receiving enhanced odds on selected NFL legs. Effectively, this means that punters who do place their bets on these selected NFL legs stand to win more when their wagers payout than would be the case if there were no special odds put in place.

As this bonus is exclusively set for the NFL games, it means punters can only benefit from it when the NFL season is underway. The legs and markets selected for the NFL Specials bonus do vary from time to time. Below, we are going to highlight just a few of the legs as well as markets that punters can expect when looking to take advantage of the BetMGM Specials bonus.

  • In a match between Chiefs vs. Ravens, BetMGM may offer enhanced odds on the Patrick Mahomes & Lamar Jackson both to record 275+ passing yards market
  • Using the same match between Chiefs vs. Ravens, BetMGM may offer enhanced odds on Tyreek Hill, Travis Kelce & Clyde Edwards Helaire all to have 5+ receptions market
  • Enhanced odds may also be offered on Clyde Edwards Helaire, Nick Boyle and Miles Boykin all to have 30+ receiving yards

What the above pointers illustrate is that the BetMGM Specials bonus may cover different NFL legs as well as different NFL betting markets.

How to find it on the BetMGM website

Punters looking to take advantage of the BetMGM Specials will need to follow the steps outlined below:

  1. Step number one is to visit the BetMGM site – to do this punters will need to search for BetMGM on their web browsers and input their login credentials to access their accounts (those without accounts can simply register their accounts in less than 5 minutes)
  2. By default, when accessing the BetMGM site, punters will find themselves inside the casino lobby – worry not as you can simply switch to the bookmaker version with the click of a button. Navigate to the header or footer tab and check for the SPORT button. Once you click on the SPORT button, you are immediately redirected to the sports betting page
  3. Once you reach the sports betting page, navigate to the header tab, scroll until you locate the NFL button 
  4. Click on the NFL button and you are redirected to a page where all upcoming NFL legs are displayed
  5. On the NFL legs page, check the section in between the header tab and the displayed upcoming NFL legs that’s where you will find the selected BetMGM Specials legs and markets
  6. Select any leg of your choice and proceed to place your stake and wait to see if you are going to be winner or not at the end of the match.