BetMGM Parlay Builder

How does an operator gain an edge over others in a highly competitive industry such as the online gaming industry? The answer is very simple, it’s all about innovation. Innovate and you grow – fail to innovate and you die. Well, when it comes to one operator that is, BetMGM, the future is looking is very bright as its innovative work is simply unmatched. Recently, the operator launched the BetMGM Parlay Builder – a tool which industry leaders say will revolutionize the industry.

What is the BetMGM Parlay Builder? 

The BetMGM Parlay Builder is a same-game parlay betting product for U.S. sports. The product at the present moment supports unmatched bet selections across NFL, NBA and all the major soccer leagues whilst MLB and NHL will be added soon. BetMGM collaborated with Betgenius in designing the new Parlay Builder.

How the BetMGM Parlay Builder Works

The BetMGM Parlay Builder is used before the commencement of matches – essentially meaning it’s a pre-game betting offering. From a selected game/event, a choice of more than 400 bet-types including team and player props is revealed. Punters are therefore given the room to build and customize their parlay by choosing any selection they prefer from the 400 bet-types.

The team and player props bets that are a part of the 400 bet-types are designed by BetBuilder, a service developed by Betgenius and sportsbook software provider Sportscast. BetBuilder does all the hard work in the background leaving only the easy and technological hassle-free stuff to the punters.

Once the punters have made their selections, the Parlay Builder will automatically give the punter the lines for each selection. Afterwards, the punter can choose the stake he wants to play with the Parlay Builder will quote the odds. If satisfied with the odds, the punter can then proceed to generate his ticket.

As punters are simply required to build and customize their parlay by choosing from the pre-selected 400 bet-types, it means the whole process of building the parlay is pretty easy and straightforward. This, therefore, concurs with Matt Prevost, CMO at BetMGM’s comments, “Parlay Builder gives our pre-game betting offering another dimension; its engaging, easy-to-use and extensive, therefore appealing to serious and recreational bettors alike. We’ve witnessed the success of BetBuilder in Europe and anticipate a similar trajectory in the US.” 

Same-Game Parlay Example

For punters looking forward to trying out the same-game parlay, it’s important to note that now when it comes to soccer betting, it’s now possible to place the following bets under the same ticket:

  • Choose the player to score first
  • Team to commit the most fouls
  • Team to win the match in regulation time
  • Remember there are 400 bet-types supported under each game/event hence there are many more bet types to select from.

Platforms Supported

BetMGM allows its punters to place their bets either on the website or via the app. Great news for all punters is that the BetMGM Parlay Builder is integrated on both platforms. Whether you prefer playing on the website or via the app, you can still use the Parlay Builder!

BetMGM Parlay Builder General Rules

  • BetMGM Parlay Builder is only available on selected sports at the moment that is, NFL, NBA and major soccer leagues
  • Parlay Builders cannot be combined with other Parlay Builders or other Parlay or Round Robin betting opportunities
  • A minimum of two picks and a maximum of 10 picks from a single game can be included in a Parlay Builder wager
  • If a pick within a Parlay Builder is cancelled then the entire Parlay Builder will be cancelled