Oregon Lottery Scoreboard Snap Bets

Online sports betting has really evolved in the past few years. There was a time when all sports bets could be placed before a game commences. In some instances, some bets had to be placed 15 or 20 minutes before the commencement of a game. However, software developers in cooperation with bookmakers in recent times launched a great innovation – this innovation referring to live betting (sometimes also called in-play betting). As can be deduced from the name of the bet type, in-play betting refers to bets placed while the match is in play that is, after it has already commenced.

In-play betting brought incredible convenience to all punters as it removed the hassle of having to rush to place bets before the betting window closes. While in-play betting certainly is a great advancement in the gaming industry, another even more impressive bet type was established recently by a leading bookmaker, Score Board. This bet type goes by the name Snap Bets.

What is Snap Bets?

Snap bets is a form of an in-play bet which allows punters to predict if a certain event is going to happen in the next 1 or 5 minutes. This is an incredible bet type as it enables punters to win on every minute of one’s favourite live game!

When it comes to Oregon Lottery Score Board snap bets, there are two very important things that all punters need to take note of. First, snap bets at the current moment only cater to soccer games/matches. Secondly, only the regulation time is considered for snap bets – injury time is not included.

Time Periods

As stated above, snap bets are placed for events that are to take place in the next 1 minute or 5 minutes. Here, it’s important to clearly understand what 1 minute and 5 minutes constitute when it comes to snap bets.

  • 1 minutes refers to 00:00 – 00:59 seconds of the relevant 1 minute period
  • 5 minutes refers to 00:00 0 04:59 seconds of the relevant 5 minute period

How to place a snap bet

Below are the steps that punters have to follow when they want to place a snap bet:

  1. The first thing is to select the live game that you want to place a bet on
  2. Afterwards, you have to choose the specific snap bet from the list of options/events
  3. Proceed to select your bet
  4. Enter your stake on the bet slip
  5. Complete the process by clicking on ‘Place Bets’

Snap Bet Events

There are different events that punters can place bets on. The table below showcases all the snap bets events supported at Score Board.

GoalThe time at which a goal is scored
CornerThe time at which a corner is awarded
BookingThe time at which a yellow or red card is shown to a participating player
PenaltyThe time at which a penalty is awarded
Throw-inThe time at which a throw-in is awarded
Free kickThe time at which a free kick is awarded
Goal KickThe time at which a goal kick is awarded