Pointsbet Parlays

They say competition breeds innovation and this is indeed true. One just needs to take a look at the US’ online gaming industry to see the truth in this saying. Online bookmakers in the US are battling for the right to become the outright bookmakers’ of choice for most American punters. To achieve this feat, they have realized that nothing but innovation will propel them to success. As such, they are always on the lookout for great innovative strategies that will work wonders for them and help them attract and retain multitudes of punters. One online bookmaker which has been making great strides on this front is Pointsbet. In this article, we are going to take a look at the innovative strategies that the bookmaker has been devising all in the quest to become a bookmaker of choice to American punters.

In-play Parlays

The most popular strategy employed by Pointsbet is coming up with a whole host of the much loved parlay bets. Well, they might be some in the dark as to what parlays mean so let’s start from them. Parlays are a special type of bet which allows the punter to place different bets on the same ticket. Essentially, what this means is that the punter’s ticket will have more than one selection. By doing this, the punter reduces the amount of money that he would have used if he were to generate different tickets each with its own single selection. At the same time, the beauty of parlays is that they enhance the punter’s potential winnings/payouts – this necessitated by the fact that most bookmakers enhance the odds for punters who decide to place parlay bets.

Having explained what parlays are all about, let’s get back to our main focus that is Pointsbet parlays. One of Pointsbet parlays is the In-play parlays. In-play parlays simply refer to parlays which are generated by the punters once the events they want to place bets on have commenced. In-play parlays are supported on major sporting leagues including the NFL and NBA. Mostly prop bets are available for punters looking to place in-play parlays.

Pointsbet Parlay Booster

Just a few months back, Pointsbet launched the Parlay Booster. The Parlay Booster is a facility which sees the bookmaker offer significantly boosted odds for punters placing parlay bets. At the present moment, the Parlay Booster only applies on parlays ranging from 3 to 12 legs. The beauty of the Parlay Booster is that there is no minimum or maximum stake stipulated despite the significantly boosted prices. However, what punters have to keep in mind is that they can only receive the enhanced odds once every 24-hours.

Pointsbet Single Game Parlay

Parlays traditional have entailed that punters choose different bets from different events. This simply meaning punters have the opportunity to choose the match winners in four or more different games. However, Pointsbet has done the unthinkable. Now, punters have the opportunity to choose different betting markets on the same event and place them all on a single ticket. Suppose the punter is looking to open a single game parlay on a soccer match, he can choose the predict the match winner, the team to score the first goal, team to concede the first foul and the player to score the first goal all on the same ticket! Cool, isn’t it?

Pointsbet Parlay Refund

While still on the issue of Pointsbet parlays, it’s important to outline that punters who choose parlays at this bookmaker are in for a treat courtesy of Pointsbet’s Parlay Refund. Punters who create a 4-leg or more parlay ticket will receive back up to $100 if exactly one leg fails them. Only one refund is awarded to the punter per day. If multiple parlays are placed, your first parlay that qualifies will get refunded.