Jackpot Contest

What really makes sports betting a popular gambling activity? Well, there is no one answer that effectively answers this question. Rather, a combination of reasons does explain the popularity of sports betting. Nothing explains the popularity of sports betting better than the monthly jackpot which is run at, one of the most popular betting sites in the State of Colorado.

Many are now probably wondering why’s monthly jackpot explains the reasons behind the popularity of sports betting. Not to keep you waiting for long, therefore, let’s check out the impressive things that all players benefit from when they partake in’s jackpot – otherwise known as the Contest. First though, in brief let’s get to understand what the Contest is all about.

General Info on Contest (Monthly Contest)

The Monthly Jackpot is an enterprising promotion that was devised by to allow punters have more fun and entertainment during their online gambling adventures. The objective of the Contest is to allow punters to showcase and demonstrate their knowledge when it comes to different sports. The more knowledgeable one is in any sports, the higher the probability he stands to win in the Contest. impressively rewards all punters with impressive levels of knowledge in any sport offered at this bookmaker. This means basketball, tennis, hockey, rugby, soccer fanatics amongst others can all partake in the Monthly Jackpot.

The winners of the Monthly Contest get to share a prize pool of up to $1 000 000.

  • Gamification

Gamification is a relatively new name in the online gaming industry. Gamification simply refers to the application of techniques intended to leverage people’s natural desires for socializing, learning and mastery of skills. In simple terms, what this means is that people have a knack for competition that is, going head to head with family and friends. In the end, those who come out tops will claim the bragging rights and thus be classified as the brightest and most knowledgeable. Sports betting in its traditional form didn’t actually embrace competitive skills. This however has changed owing to the gamification concept. When it comes to’s Contest, punters get the opportunity to compete with other punters for the chance to become the winners at the end of the month. This effectively cultivates the competitive culture which in turn makes sports betting even more fun and entertaining for the punters.

  • Chance to win some lucrative prizes, trips and experiences

Punters who engage in the Monthly Jackpot don’t just get to benefit from the thrill of competing and outwitting their family, friends as well as fellow punters. Rather, they also get to benefit from some highly lucrative prizes as well as once-in-a-lifetime trips and experiences. The prizes are awarded to those who demonstrate the highest levels of knowledge in any sport. Some of the things that punters are required to know in order to become the winners include picking the starting grid – the top finishers in a Grand Prix, predicting the number of touchdowns in a game, the form of athletes heading into different games amongst many others.