theScorebet Promotions

For some time now, all punters in the State of New Jersey have had the pleasure of engaging in online sports betting. Thousands of punters in the state frequent to different online bookmakers all with the intention to enjoy the thrill that comes with predicting different outcomes of selected games and events. One such bookmaker that attracts thousands of punters on each and every day of the week is theScorebet. There are various factors why punters find theScorebet to be a great proposition when it comes to sports betting – one of these factors relate to the highly lucrative bonus and promotional perks offered at this online bookmaker. Below, we are going to take time in highlighting some of the top promotional perks offered frequently at theScorebet.

Welcome Bonus

We start off with the Welcome Bonus. The Welcome Bonus is the very first promotional perk that all punters at this online bookmaker benefit from when they register their accounts. The Welcome Bonus which is offered at theScorebet comes in the form of a First Bet Free Bet. In simple terms, what this promotion entails is that when the new punter makes his first cash bet, the bookmaker will in turn grant him a free $100 bet! With the free bet, the punter is free to place bets on any sport as well as choose any betting market of his preference. There are no restrictions whatsoever attached to how the free bet can be used.

The Welcome Bonus does not just end with the First Bet Free Bet. theScorebet also offers a cashback of up to $1000 to all new punters. Within the first 60 days after the punter has registered his account, all bets that he places whether they win, lose or draw will receive a 5% cashback up to $1000!

theScorebet App Promo

There are two ways in which punters can place their bets at theScorebet. Firstly, punters have the option to simply visit the desktop site and do everything on there. However, it’s also possible for punters to download theScore app and make their bets on the go at any time they want using their mobile devices. theScore app is available to both Android and iOS users. The main advantage of going theScore app route is that the bookmaker avails exclusive betting offers and awards to all punters who use the app. The offers do differ from time to time but what is guaranteed is that at any time, there will be at least one promo running.

Season Promos

theScorebet does cover most if not all of the world’s top leagues and tournaments. From the NFL, NBA to the MLB World Series, punters can expect to place bets on any game that they so wish. The beauty of settling at theScorebet is that when the seasons for these different leagues and tournaments start, the bookmaker will open some season promos. Currently, there are two such promos for the MLB World Series (6th Inning Lead Protection) and the NFL (Weekly $5). The 6th Inning Lead Protection will see all punters who place a pre-game money line wager on any 2020 MLB World Series game receiving a bet insurance up to $100 if their selected team is winning at the end of the 6th inning but ends up losing the game. The Weekly $5 will see all punters who place a $50 futures wager on any NFL team receiving a $5 free bet each week of the 2020 NFL regular season.